Our Counselor

WebsizedheadshotAfter twenty plus years as a high school guidance director/counselor in the public school system, Jennifer Severini-Kresock recognized the growing need for individualized college preparatory services.  With even more cuts to educational budgets, the ability to adequately guide students to their highest potential of college and career preparation becomes even more fragmented, often resulting in missed opportunities or less-than-desired outcomes.

Regardless of the level or ability of a student, reaching the highest possible desired outcome is what NEPA Career and College Counseling Associates strives to do with dedicated excellence.

As the lead counselor of NEPA Career and College Counseling Associates which she founded in 2012, Jennifer Severini-Kresock brings her passion for helping to mold ideal college candidates.

Jennifer received a Bachelor of Science degree cum laude in Clinical Psychology and a Master of Science degree in Secondary Counselor Education from Marywood University. She has spent countless hours engaging in Professional Development activities, including conferences, college visits, and web-based learning opportunities.

She has lectured on the university level and has been cited for her professional excellence by several organizations in the industry. She is thrilled to bring her expertise and enthusiastic drive to help students make their educational and career dreams into reality.