Study Tips for High School Students

My top ten study tips for High School Students are the following:

  • Be sure that you are organized. Keep a planner with everything that must be accomplished short term and long term regarding school assignments, tests, and quizzes. Make your deadlines to complete work or study for tests 5 days earlier than the assignment/test/quiz so that you will have extra time in case something goes wrong.


  • Understand all of the course requirements for each subject that you are taking. Consult with a counselor or teacher to be sure that you are in the correct course level.


  • Never wait until the last minute to study for an upcoming test or quiz. Studying should be done in chunks of time.  Fifteen or twenty minute reviews each night will eliminate cramming for tests or quizzes.


  • If you are having difficulty with a subject, ask your classroom teacher for help, ask about free tutoring in the high school or have your parents hire a professional tutor. Don’t wait until you are in over your head to ask for help.


  • Select a quiet, comfortable, distraction-free place to study.


  • Make flash cards on index cards with vocabulary words or other concepts that you need to learn and review them frequently. There are several apps and websites that will help with test preparation. For a comprehensive list, please email me at


  • Staying up all night to study for a test will not yield the best results. Students in high school need to get at least 8 hours a night in order to be productive.


  • Eat three balanced and nutritious meals each day. You need brain power to succeed. A healthy diet will provide this for you.


  • Create potential test questions as you are studying. The SQ3R method is one technique that can work.  Survey, Question, Read, Recite, Review.


  • Allow time for yourself by taking 10-15 minute breaks while studying. Take a brief walk, listen to music, etc. to break up study time and give your brain a rest.

Students who learn correct study techniques while in high school will be able to make the transition to college a lot easier. They will be more successful throughout their educational career.

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