There are APPS for that–The Career and College Admissions Process

The career search and college admissions processes have become more complicated and time intensive. Technology through various mobile apps offers some helpful methods for engaging in the process. Many of them are free or charge a minimal fee. There are various types of career and college planning apps which can be categorized as follows: Test Preparation, College Planning, Specific Colleges, Career Planning, and Scholarship Search.

Test Preparation apps include the SAT Daily Practice app, ACT Student and Online Prep (OP), SATUp and ACTUp, and Khan Academy. These apps provide practice-on-the-go questions and answers and scoring for students who are preparing to take standardized college admissions tests.

College Planning apps include CollegeGO, CollegeHunch, Admittedly, and Schoold.  These offer basic college application information and specific college search details.  Common App On Track allows students to track the progress of their common application (an application which can be used to apply to over 800 schools).  Zee Mee gives students an opportunity to develop an online unique profile detailing their accomplishments, activities, and college plans.

Colleges also have mobile apps specific to their schools.  Examples include Yale University, Stanford University, University of Virginia, Colgate University, Georgetown, MIT, and the University of Scranton. College apps allow students to follow on social media and to connect with any college news or events and offices on campus.

Career planning apps include Easy Career Planning and Pathsource Career, Job, School, and College Search. These apps steer career seekers on the path to finding a career while providing labor market statistics and other facts.  In addition, there are specific apps for resume creation and for very specific job searches.

Scholarship apps include Scholly,, Fastweb, Scholarship-Search Scholarships, and College Raptor.  After answering specific questions, students can narrow down and compile a listing of the scholarships to which they can apply.

While these mobile apps can be very helpful and inexpensive, they should not be used as the only means to successful career and college planning.  Students should exercise caution regarding their privacy and confidentiality when personal information is requested.  For more in-depth information and procedures on career and college planning, students should seek the advice of qualified professionals.

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