About Us


NEPA Career and College Counseling Associates is a private business. Students can receive individualized help (24 hours/day 7 days a week) with the college admissions process, financial aid, scholarship search, career exploration/decision making, athletic recruitment, auditioning at arts schools, creation of college portfolio, letters of recommendation, resumes, and essay preparation.

MY SERVICES INCLUDE BUT ARE NOT LIMITED TO THE FOLLOWING (All services for high school students are offered in conjunction with College Planner Pro, NEPA Career and College Test Prep, and Prompt):

College and Career Planning

• Conduct consultation and initial meeting with student and parent(s)
• Review transcripts and test scores
• Discuss career goals, aptitudes, and interests through career shadowing and internship opportunities
• Set educational goals

Review of Records 

• Assess academic goals, college preferences, financial and
special needs of the student and family
• Identify specific colleges that best match the individual(unbiased honest recommendations)

The Admissions Process from Start to Finish

• Instruction for student and parent(s) about college admissions test( SAT/ACT and comprehensive tutoring opportunities for all students

• Preparation and Practice student interviews

• Facilitation of college tours

• Review of College Essays with assistance on topic choice, proofreading, and revisions

• Development of an accurate timetable for meeting all application deadline and

Strategies for Success

• My goal is to ensure each student’s fullest potential in the admissions process can be reached.
• Dedicated and Reasonable Personal Assistance–on your schedule — unlimited access through phone calls, emails and appointments (24/7). Appointments available after school, evenings, weekends, in-person or on-line (via Zoom).

Additional Services

We also offer College Survival Skills Training, which includes, but is not limited to, time management, stress management, study skills, communication, assertiveness training, assignment quality continuum, and seeking available college services. Students who may be unsure of how to handle the adjustment to college benefit greatly from this service.  We also offer Resume Development, College Transfer, and  Graduate School Application assistance.


My mission is to provide excellence in helping all students make the best possible career and college decisions. This program allows me to cater to the individual needs of all students as they prepare for college and career. It is my mission to give all students the necessary dedicated professional experience that they deserve. 


My clients are all Students (grades 7-12), Transferring College Students, Undergraduate and pre-Graduate Students, and college-or career-bound students with special needs.

My approach is stress-free and very thorough. 


Neither I nor NEPA Career & College Counseling Associates make any guarantee regarding your student’s admission to college, your student’s ability to obtain employment in any specific field, or your student’s receipt of financial aid or student loans. NEPA Career and College Counseling may express an opinion concerning the likelihood of admission, but cannot guarantee any student’s admission to any particular college or university, as admission decisions are made solely by the college or university admissions committee, and are dependent on a variety of factors outside of any independent educational consultant’s control including but not limited to institutional priorities, GPA and school rank, standardized test scores, high school/college reports and transcripts, teacher/professor recommendations, meeting deadlines, and quality of college interviews.

2017  HAPPIE AWARDS (November 2017)

 For the fourth year in a row, I have been awarded 2 Happie Awards for Best College Counselor and Best Tutoring Service. I want to thank my students, parents, family, and friends for voting for me. I appreciate it from the bottom of my heart. For those of you that know me (I mean really know me), you know that I am very passionate about my business and how I enthusiastically work with all of my students and families throughout the career and college planning process.

This is a wonderful honor and I will work even harder to keep my students and families HAPPIER in 2018! I love every one of you! God Bless! I would not have gotten this far without the love and support of my husband, Christopher, who encourages me every day! And, my family, especially my dear father who passed away in 2014. His inspiration, love, and support is the reason for my passion and love for what I do.


Imitation is the greatest form of flattery. There may be others who have this type of business, My commitment, dedication, enthusiasm,cutting edge expertise, and concern for my students will never be found anywhere. I will go to the ends of the earth for my students’ and parents’ satisfaction in career and college planning. I offer the lowest rates and the best convenient service of any career and college counselors/consultants in this area or outside the area.

Please call me for more information and rates (570-702-5700).  I will also adjust any services to meet the needs of the individual student.

I do not post on my website, Facebook, or any where else where my students are being admitted to schools. I believe that my students are accepted at awesome institutions because of their outstanding achievements and amazing academic abilities. I serve as the guide in the process–the student deserves the accolades, certainly not me or my business.

I hope all students have a wonderful school year and I hope I can work with you on career and college planning. Thank you.